Are you beginner on Azure Cosmos DB and want to know what exactly is Cosmos DB? Then read this article. Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL database service for modern app development. Get guaranteed single-digit millisecond response times and 99.999-percent availability, backed by SLAs, automatic and instant scalability, and open-source APIs for MongoDB and Cassandra.

What is Cosmos DB?

Cosmos DB is NoSQL dB that supports NoSQL models. You can query Cosmos DB using MongoDb API’s, SQL Api, Graph API’s and much more. …

Do you want to organize your CSS files in your angular app? Do you want to find out the strategy to segregate the CSS based on cross browsers and operating systems? You CSS designer should not be worried how to manage these. As a developer you should setup your angular app such that it works out of the box.


I will use angular 10 project. Then I will install ngx-device-detector node package and finally I will demonstrate the best practice to follow to dynamically load cross browser and operating system related CSS files in your angular application.

Installing ngx-device-detector Angular Library

I am assuming…

How to download the Demo Application? Rupesh will explain how to download source code and will walkthrough the source code and guidelines. Support me by buying full course in hindi here. Download the complete course in english here

Are you using repository pattern? And want to commit multiple repository operations as a single logical transaction in Azure Cosmos DB? Read this article to learn how can you combine all of your operations as single unit of work using TransactionalBatch .net class.

What is Transaction?

Transaction is the execution scope in the context of transaction processing. A transaction groups more than one database operations as a single commit. Therefore, you will notice single common outcome of your transaction. Either all operations passes or they all fail. They act as one thing. This is why atomicity is maintained.

Why to Combine operations as Single Transaction?

Imagine if you have repositories…

.Net running on-process till .Net Core 3.1 & .Net isolated workers are coming on .Net 6 onwards & you can deploy Azure Function Apps in production.

Isolated Models for Workers

In future all Azure Functions will be running in Isolated Models only.

  • New way of building .Net Application called as Isolated Models that decouples the Azure Functions from .Net Function Runtime.
  • This gives full control of the process & it’s dependency graph.
  • This will be the future of all Azure Functions
  • Durable Functions are in the process only.

No more WebJobs Dependency

For each extension you need different set of packages. For Http, Worker and Worker SDK.

Are you beginner on Azure Functions and want to learn the basics of Azure Functions? Did you know you can create Azure Functions and publish to Azure using Typescript right from Visual Studio Code? In this article, I will walk you through the steps for creating and deploying Nodejs APIs with Azure Functions using Serverless on Azure from the beginning.

What is Serverless?

Serverless is really complicated way to talk about other people’s computers 😄. Like Microsoft Serverless has computers servers physically working for you at Microsoft premises. There’s a lot of servers involved in saying serverless. You want to build your modern…

Where is source code for RxJS Higher Order Observables? Rupesh will give you the github url to get the coding exercise source code for this entire course. Source code is attached to the first module feel free to download them.

Convert Angular service to a Message Handler. Do you want to organize your Angular code base as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) way. And you want to create an Angular Service that can listen to a Message and react on them just like a N-ServiceBus Message Handlers? Read this article.

What is PUB/SUB?

In software architecture Pub/Sub is publish-subscribe that is a messaging pattern. Message is a Plain JavaScript Object with type and optional payload. Where senders of the messages, called publishers. Receiver of the messages are called subscribers. Learn more…

What are Angular Component’s Responsibilities?

Angular Component must take below responsibilities:

  1. Send messages to perform any business logic

I have WordPress or Blogger blog and I decided to move away from WordPress and switch to Jekyll. I loved the way Jekyll is working. You can deploy Jekyll blog to GitHub pages for free. Only thing you need is domain. If you want otherwise custom domain is optional. In this article, I will show you how you can export WordPress blogs to your new Jekyll Project. Same technique can be used for Blogger Blogs import and migration to Jekyll project.

Step 1: Downloading WordPress content

Download the WordPress blog Content as xml.

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