Are you beginner on Azure Cosmos DB and want to know what exactly is Cosmos DB? Then read this article. Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL database service for modern app development. Get guaranteed single-digit millisecond response times and 99.999-percent availability, backed by SLAs, automatic and instant scalability, and open-source APIs for MongoDB and Cassandra.

What is Cosmos DB?

Cosmos DB is NoSQL dB that supports NoSQL models. You can query Cosmos DB using MongoDb API’s, SQL Api, Graph API’s and much more. …

Do you want to organize your CSS files in your angular app? Do you want to find out the strategy to segregate the CSS based on cross browsers and operating systems? You CSS designer should not be worried how to manage these. As a developer you should setup your angular app such that it works out of the box.


I will use angular 10 project. Then I will install ngx-device-detector node package and finally I will demonstrate the best practice to follow to dynamically load cross browser and operating system related CSS files in your angular application.

Installing ngx-device-detector Angular Library

I am assuming…

Running Demo Angular Application with RxJS. Rupesh will start the demo application and show you its features like search order, submit order, delete order etc. Support me by buying full course in hindi here. Download the complete course in english here

Do you want to create your own custom GitHub Action? It’s very simple & really fun! In this article I will walk you through the steps to write, test, and deploy your own JavaScript GitHub Actions.

Getting Started

Let’s setup our Machine and Project first.

Since you want to create JavaScript GitHub Actions make sure you have installed node.js in your machine.

Create simple node.js project by executing following scripts.

mkdir hello-world-javascript-action
cd hello-world-javascript-action
npm init -y

Create .gitignore add node_modules/ there.

Let’s create schema of our custom action.yml file.

Create action.yml at the root of the project and add below script.

Demo Angular Application Code Walkthrough Rupesh will walk you through the demo application source code and he will explain how to install its dependencies. Support me by buying full course in hindi here. Download the complete course in english here

Are you wondering how to publish Test Results over Azure CI Build while using Angular and JEST? In this article I will demonstrate nx monorepo publishing test results using azure pipeline.

If you are u are using Karma Test Runner then read my previous article Publishing Nx Monorepo Test Results in Azure CI Pipeline.

In order to become Azure Developer Associate you must pass AZ-204 exam. If you want to become Cloud Solution Architect then consider giving Microsoft AZ-204 certification exam.


  • Candidates should have at least one to two years of professional experience in the development of cloud solutions and Microsoft Azure.
  • Candidates should have promising fluency in programming in a high-level programming language supported by Azure.

Should you Give AZ-204

  • Learn how to become a developer in Azure
  • Fill in knowledge gaps
  • Apply for any Microsoft cloud jobs

Skills Measured in Exam

Below skills are tested in the exam.

pie “Infrastructure” : 15 “Platform” : 30 “Storage” : 20 “Security” …

How to download the Demo Application? Rupesh will explain how to download source code and will walkthrough the source code and guidelines.

Where is source code for RxJS Higher Order Observables? Rupesh will give you the github url to get the coding exercise source code for this entire course. Source code is attached to the first module feel free to download them. Support me by buying full course in hindi here. Download the complete course in english here

Have you tried to host NServiceBus within Azure Functions? In this article I will teach you how can you host your first NServiceBus project within Azure Functions.

In this example, I will use .net core 3.1

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